Pilot Faces Investigation After Customer Snaps Photo Of His ‘Offensive’ Sticker, Shares It Online

A pilot’s “Let’s Go Brandon” sticker on an American Airlines flight has sparked controversy, with a passenger expressing discontent and the airline launching an investigation.

The Origins of the Slogan

Photo Credit: News Flash – Sound of Hope

The “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan originated as an anti-Biden cry in September when a Nascar reporter misheard “F*** Joe Biden” chants.

The Passenger’s Complaint

Passenger Dana Finley Morrison shared a tweet expressing her displeasure with the pilot’s sticker and questioned the airline’s acceptance of such “cowardly rhetoric” on crew luggage when in uniform.

Airline Response

American Airlines responded to the tweet, assuring that they take such matters seriously and would investigate further.

Photo Credit: News Flash – Sound of Hope

Backlash and Hypocrisy

The airline’s response received backlash online, with some arguing that the pilot should be allowed to express his views, citing the airline’s previous decision to allow Black Lives Matter pins on staffers.

Photo Credit: News Flash – Sound of Hope

Public Opinion Divided

While some passengers supported the pilot’s right to express his political opinion, others felt it was inappropriate for a crew member to display such messaging.

Photo Credit: News Flash – Sound of Hope

Unidentified Pilot and Pending Action

The identity of the pilot remains undisclosed, and the airline has not indicated whether he will face any consequences for wearing the unapproved sticker.

As of now, American Airlines has not responded to media requests for comment regarding the ongoing investigation.

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