Pit bull grabs baby’s diaper and starts to drag her — seconds later, the family realizes why she’s a hero

Latana Chai, a mother from California, was recently hit by a terrible tragedy.

The unthinkable happened when she was home with her seven-month-old baby girl Masailah. Masailah is about the size of the family’s pit bull, Sasha, who is eight months old.

At about midnight on June 3, the mother suddenly heard Sasha barking loudly and scratching at the backyard door. She noticed that the dog’s barks were particularly intense, and immediately felt alarmed. She knew something wasn’t right. This was very unlike the family’s gentle four-legged member.

She opened the door to see what the dog was barking at outside — and that’s when she saw black smoke and flames coming out of the neighboring house. The fire was quickly spreading to Latana’s house, writes KTVU.

What Sasha did next is now being hailed by animal lovers all over the world.

This example of a pit bull’s love and affection is exemplified in the story of Sasha the pit bull and how she saved her family from what could have been a tragic event.

Latana ran upstairs for Masailah, but Sasha was already well on her way.

Latana watched in awe how the family pit bull bit into the baby’s diaper and dragged her out of danger.

The mother could then safely take everyone to security outside.

If it weren’t for Sasha’s warning, the family might have been caught in the flames.

Sasha has been around since Masailah’s birth and it’s clear that the two share a special bond.

Unfortunately, many believe that pit bulls are still only fighting dogs that are aggressive by nature.

While they could look mean on the outside, many of them have hearts of gold.

This story proves once again that pit bulls are wonderful family dogs and it is up to their owners to raise them right!


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