Police are called on boy selling “ice cold beer”—but then they get a closer look at his sign

A young boy in Brigham City, Utah decided to put a creative spin on the classic lemonade stand by offering something a little different: “ice cold beer.” Concerned neighbors and passersby called the police, worried about an underage child selling alcohol without a license. However, upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the boy was actually selling root beer.

The clever play on words and the mischievous smile on the boy’s face showed his intention to trick adults into thinking he was selling alcoholic beverages. The Brigham City Police Department, realizing the harmless nature of the situation, allowed the young entrepreneur to continue his business.

The police department humorously addressed the incident in a Facebook post, acknowledging the multiple calls they received about the boy’s “beer” stand. They also noted that the boy’s marketing strategy had paid off, as his business had been thriving.

Facebook/Brigham City Police Department

This lighthearted and amusing story highlights the creativity and wit of a young entrepreneur. The boy’s innocent prank not only brought a smile to people’s faces but also demonstrated his potential for a future career in advertising.

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