Pro Golfer Accused Of ‘Ruining The Sport’ Because Of Her Outfit Choices

American golfer Paige Spiranac has spoken out about being accused of “ruining the game” due to her wardrobe choices. She revealed that wearing low-cut tank tops displaying her cleavage has led to derogatory comments, such as being called a “sl**” and a “w****.” These outfits have cost her opportunities, including being denied a chance to volunteer with a charity for children in need of golf clubs.

A Cry Against Hypocrisy in Golf

In her podcast, Playing A Round, Spiranac expressed frustration with the hypocrisy in the golf community. She argued that golf presents an image of the “perfect golfer,” but in reality, the atmosphere is far from it. Despite her successful career and social media following, she still faces criticism and judgment due to her clothing choices.

Desire to Give Back Hindered

Spiranac’s ambition to give back to kids who lack resources like she did during her childhood was hindered by these unfair judgments. A charity refused her help, citing board members’ negative views of her, solely based on her attire. She believes that golf should focus on the common love for the sport rather than making superficial issues serious problems.

Struggling to Fit In

As Spiranac strives to find a place where she feels comfortable and at peace with herself, she expresses that golf doesn’t align with her raw and real personality. Feeling like the opposite of what a golfer should be, she remains true to her individuality, unafraid to wear what she likes, even if it deviates from the traditional golf attire.

Despite the criticism she faces, Paige Spiranac remains a strong advocate for individuality and authenticity in the world of golf. She believes that acceptance and appreciation should extend beyond appearances and encourages the sport to embrace diversity.

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