Randy Travis Stuns Country Hall of Fame Crowd By Singing 3 Years After Stroke

Country legend Randy Travis, bouncing back from a stroke that jeopardized his singing, wowed at the Country Music Hall of Fame induction. He movingly sang “Amazing Grace” in Nashville.

Travis, joined by Charlie Daniels and Fred Foster, received honors at the event. Musical tributes came from Kris Kristofferson, Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, and Garth Brooks. Travis’ wife, Mary Davis-Travis, detailed his recovery after a stroke caused by a viral illness led to six months in the hospital.

Travis, famous for the platinum album “Storms of Life,” reshaped country music and influenced artists like Alan Jackson. Jackson, who performed, recalled touring with Travis and his audience impact.

Charlie Daniels, known for “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” was lauded for his fusion of rock, bluegrass, gospel, and country. Foster, Monument Records’ head, shaped careers of Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, and Kris Kristofferson.

Travis’ poignant “Amazing Grace” marked his victorious return, deeply touching the Hall of Fame audience with his resilience and talent.

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