Resilient Dog, Riona, Finds a New Home after a Year of Recovery


In a heartbreaking incident, Riona, a pitbull mix, was cruelly set on fire by her owner. However, after a year of recovery and healing, she has finally found a new home, bringing hope and joy to her supporters and rescuers.

A Horrific Incident

Residents in Nutbush, Tennessee were shocked when they witnessed Riona running down the street engulfed in flames. It was evident that she had been intentionally set on fire, leaving her severely burnt and covered in diesel fuel. Witness statements and surveillance footage confirmed the act of cruelty.

@justice4riona Humans covered her in gas and set her on fire. She was running down the street covered in flames. Yet all she wants to do is to love on everybody! Share her story! #justice4riona #tailsofhopedogrescue #dogsoftiktok #dogrescue #shareherstory ♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

Rescue and Recovery

Riona’s injuries were extensive, with her ear burnt off and fourth-degree burns all over her body. Fortunately, her left eye was saved through emergency medical response. Tails of Hope Dog Rescue and Bluff City Veterinary Specialists provided her with medical treatment and care. Riona’s story gained global attention through a viral TikTok video, generating immense sympathy and support.

A Positive Spirit

Throughout her recovery, Riona displayed a remarkable spirit, despite the trauma she had endured. Despite her injuries, she remained friendly and loving towards everyone she encountered, wagging her tail joyfully. Her resilience touched the hearts of her caregivers and supporters.

Support and Legal Action

Tails of Hope shared regular updates on Riona’s progress, which prompted an outpouring of donations and gifts for the brave dog. Meanwhile, Quishon Brown, the individual responsible for setting Riona on fire, was arrested and charged with assault and animal cruelty. The case is awaiting trial.

A New Beginning

After months of healing, Riona’s condition improved significantly. In a heartwarming update, Tails of Hope announced that Riona had found her forever home. The rescue organization embarked on a ten-hour road trip to bring her to her new family. The adoptive home provides Riona with playmates, a spacious yard, and a caring family with a medical background who understands her needs.

A Story of Resilience

Riona’s journey is far from over. Her story symbolizes resilience and serves as a reminder of the ongoing need to protect and care for animals. As Riona embarks on her new chapter, Tails of Hope continues its mission of rescuing and supporting animals in need, recently taking in another burn victim.

A Message of Hope

Despite the horrors she endured, Riona’s story brings hope and happiness. Her remarkable spirit and ability to overcome adversity inspire all who have been part of her journey. While her past was marred by cruelty, her future holds the promise of love, care, and a forever home.


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