River Creature With Enormous Claws Freaks Out Mississppi Kayakers

A massive creature encounter with kayakers on the Mississippi River has gone viral. Shala Holm and her daughter spotted the enormous creature while fishing near Niemeyer’s Rugged River Resort. The creature, with its dinosaur-like head and formidable claws, approached their fish basket.

Returning the next day, Holm managed to capture close-up photos, estimating the creature front legs to be as thick as her wrists. Experts suggest the creature could be at least 15 years old, possibly 30.

The viral photo, shared on the resort’s Facebook page, gained widespread attention. The creature was a Snapping turtle, while intimidating in appearance, poses no threat to humans and contributes to ecosystem health by consuming decaying matter.

Despite the awe-inspiring encounter, Holm hopes to see the majestic turtle again next summer, highlighting the importance of protecting these remarkable creatures and their habitats.

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