Secret to a long life? “Avoiding men,” said 109-year-old woman

Secret to a Long Life: Avoiding Men and Eating Porridge

Jessie Gallan, Scotland’s oldest person at 109 years old, revealed her secret to a long life: avoiding men and eating porridge daily.

The Life of Jessie Gallan

Jessie Gallan was born in 1906 on a farm in Kintore, Scotland. At 13, she left home to work as a milkmaid. She later worked at a hotel where she served the Queen and Queen Mother. In her later years, she resided at Crosby House, a care facility for the elderly.

Despite her age, Gallan remained active and social, enjoying music and exercise. She passed away in 2015.

The Longevity Secret

“My secret to a long existence has been avoiding men. They’re not worth the hassle,” Gallan said. “I also exercise regularly, eat a warm bowl of porridge every morning, and never got married.”

Gallan’s advice resonated with many women worldwide, and her diet played a significant role. She loved eating oatmeal and maintained an active lifestyle. On her birthday, she enjoyed a meal and cake at the care facility.

Jessie Gallan lived a wholesome life, participating in group activities, attending performances, and cherishing her Sundays at church. After the passing of Clare Dawson in 2013, Jessie became Scotland’s oldest living woman.

While Gallan’s secret may be unconventional, it offers a unique perspective on living a long and fulfilling life.

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