Living a Long Life: The Wisdom of Jessie Gallan


Jessie Gallan, the oldest person in Scotland at the age of 109, shared her secret to a long life: avoiding men. Her unconventional advice surprised caregivers and sparked a discussion about the factors contributing to longevity.

A Life of Simplicity

Born in 1906 in Kintore, Scotland, Jessie Gallan grew up in a household with five sisters and a brother. She left home at the age of 13 to work as a milkmaid and later found employment at a hotel where she had the honor of serving the Queen and Queen Mother. Eventually, she moved to Crosby House, a care facility for the elderly.

Remaining Active and Social

Despite her age, Jessie Gallan remained an active and independent individual. She enjoyed music, exercise, and socializing with her closest companion, Sarah Jane. According to Gillian Bennett, one of her support staff, Jessie attributed her long life to staying socially engaged and physically active.

The Unconventional Secret

In addition to her active lifestyle, Jessie claimed that avoiding men was a key factor in her longevity. She believed that they were not worth the hassle. While her statement received support from women worldwide, she also emphasized the importance of a healthy diet, particularly her daily bowl of porridge.

Celebrating a Long Life

On her 109th birthday, Jessie celebrated with a meal and cake at Crosby House. She continued to participate in group activities and cherished her Sundays at the church. Jessie Gallan held the title of the oldest woman in Scotland until her passing in March 2015, leaving behind a legacy of a simple and fulfilled life.

A Remarkable Longevity

With the passing of Clare Dawson in 2013, Jessie became the oldest woman in Scotland. Ethel Lang of Barnsley, aged 114, currently holds the title of the oldest living person in the UK.

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