She plays dead on the road – when I understand why my heart is filled with warmth

Amanda was touched by the story of a lost and abandoned dog named Bear in the mountains of Evan’s Creek.

She didn’t hesitate and immediately sprang into action. Together with her friend Dylan, they went out to find the lonely dog. After searching for more than an hour, they tried to coax Bear with food and treats but to no avail.

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On the following day, Amanda and Dylan went back to the area and found Bear in the same spot. They tried to approach him and offer help but once again, the dog remained suspicious and kept his distance.

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That’s when the girls came up with an ingenious idea. Amanda decided to “play dead” and act as if she needed help to gain Bear’s trust. The next day, she lay down on the ground in the suspected area where Bear was.

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Two hours later, what happened melted thousands of animal lovers’ hearts. A driver saw a dog at a campsite in Evans Creek, Washington, who appeared to be malnourished and frightened. The driver tried to approach the dog, but he became aggressive and refused to come near.

Amanda heard about the wild dog, and she and Dylan decided to save him and take him to an animal hospital. Despite their attempts to attract him with food, Bear was still too suspicious and would not approach them.

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That’s when Amanda tried something different. She lay down in a fetal position and played dead. Soon after, Bear came closer and sniffed at her for 20 minutes before losing interest and leaving. However, an hour later, Bear came back and sat beside Amanda. Within two hours, Amanda had won Bear’s trust, and he finally followed her to the car.

Thanks to the perseverance and ingenuity of these animal-loving friends, Bear received the help he so desperately needed. The Lost & Found Pets organization in Washington tried to locate Bear’s owner but to no avail. Fortunately, a family came forward and offered to adopt Bear, so he now has a loving home.

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