Shelter dog leaps over concrete wall to keep her best friend company — leads to happy ending for both

A Heartwarming Tale: Shelter Dogs Find Forever Home Together

Unbreakable Bonds Between Shelter Dogs

Dogs possess remarkable intelligence and social abilities, enabling them to form genuine and loving friendships, particularly in the case of shelter dogs. Recently, a heartwarming story unfolded, showcasing the deep devotion between two shelter dogs and ultimately leading to a joyous outcome.

Linda and Brenda: Inseparable Best Friends

Linda and Brenda, both discovered as strays, were brought to Minneapolis Animal Care & Control. From the moment they met, it was clear that they had formed an unbreakable bond as best friends. Despite being placed in neighboring kennels, the physical separation proved to be too much for them. One night, Brenda exhibited her unwavering loyalty by leaping over the concrete divider to keep Linda company throughout the night.

A Viral Video and the Search for a Home

A video capturing Brenda’s impressive leap was shared on Facebook by Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care & Control, accompanied by the Mission: Impossible theme music. The heartwarming footage quickly went viral, drawing attention to the unique situation. The shelter seized the opportunity to find a loving home that would welcome both dogs as a duo, recognizing their inseparable bond. Meanwhile, the shelter relocated Linda and Brenda to a larger kennel, ensuring their continued companionship.

A Happy Ending for Brenda and Linda

Fate smiled upon these adorable dogs as their story gained widespread recognition. The viral video touched the hearts of many, leading to the much-deserved happy ending for Brenda and Linda. The shelter joyfully announced that both dogs had been adopted together, ensuring that their special bond would continue to flourish in their new home.


Brenda and Linda found their furever home TOGETHER! Thank you to all of our frens who shared to make this pawsible for them💕🐾#happytogether #bestfriends

♬ Happy Together – Weezer

A Grateful Message from the Shelter

Expressing their gratitude, Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care & Control took to Facebook to thank everyone who had shared the heartwarming story and reached out to them. They acknowledged the overwhelming support received during the past three days and expressed their appreciation to the community.

Celebrating an Enduring Friendship

The touching friendship between Brenda and Linda serves as a reminder of the deep connections that dogs can forge. We rejoice in the knowledge that Brenda and Linda now have a new home where their inseparable bond can thrive. Let us continue to share this heartwarming story, spreading the joy it brings.

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