Single man adopted ill child then raises an Olympic champion

Jerry Windle, a single gay man, never thought he could be a father until he read a magazine story about a man who adopted a child from Cambodia. Inspired, Jerry contacted an adoption service and learned that a single person could indeed adopt a child. A few months later, Jerry found himself holding 18-month-old Jordan, a sickly baby suffering from scabies and intestinal parasites in a Cambodian orphanage.

Jerry adopted Jordan and nursed him back to health. Little did he know that Jordan would grow up to represent the United States in the Tokyo Olympics as a diver. Despite COVID restrictions preventing Jerry from attending the Olympics, he continued to support his son from home.

Jordan, who started diving at the age of 7, impressed a man named Tim O’Brien, who saw shades of legendary diver Greg Louganis in him. Jordan’s diving career took off, and he won his first national junior national championship at the age of 9.

During the Olympics, Jordan proudly represented Cambodia, his birth country, by having the Cambodian flag tattooed on his arm. Jerry, along with family and friends, held a watch party to cheer on his son.

Despite not being physically present, Jerry expressed his desire for Jordan to enjoy the Olympic experience and expressed how proud he was of his accomplishments. Jordan, in turn, credited his father for all his achievements, emphasizing that he dives for his dad’s love and support.

The incredible journey of Jerry and Jordan demonstrates the power of love and dedication in shaping someone’s life. Their story is a testament to the bond between a parent and child, overcoming odds, and achieving greatness.

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