Steven Seagal today: Net worth, family, children, wife, height

Steven Seagal, the renowned 6ft 4 actor, musician, martial artist, and cop, entered showbiz after leaving his home country before 18. His path involved mastering martial arts, facing challenges, and becoming a respected figure in Japan. After being noticed by Hollywood agent Michael Ovitz, Seagal’s fame surged with films like “Above the Law” and “Under Siege.”

Shutterstock/ Bart Sherkow

Despite his success, Seagal’s personal life has been tumultuous. Married multiple times, he has children from different relationships, with strained connections to some.

Shutterstock/ Bart Sherkow

Today, Seagal resides in Russia, granted citizenship in 2016. He serves as a special representative for Russian-US humanitarian ties. While his net worth remains substantial, around $16 million, his appearances show the passage of time.

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Seagal’s journey reflects a life of diverse experiences, from martial arts mastery to Hollywood stardom, with both successes and challenges shaping his legacy.


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