Teen who wasn’t expected to live past 18 months graduates high school – well done, Braden

Teen Defies Expectations and Graduates High School Against All Odds


Braden, a young man diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, Pfeiffer Syndrome Type 2, recently achieved a remarkable milestone by graduating from high school. His journey is a testament to his strength and determination, as well as the support he received from his loved ones.

A Dire Prognosis

Braden’s parents received devastating news before his birth, learning that he had a severe form of Pfeiffer Syndrome Type 2. This genetic disorder affects the growth of the skull, leading to abnormalities in the shape of the head and face. Medical professionals predicted that Braden would not live beyond 18 months.

A Mother’s Prayer

Despite the challenging prognosis, Braden’s mother, Cheri, held on to hope. She vividly recalls praying for God to either ease Braden’s suffering or allow her to have him in her life, even if only for a short time.

A Story of Surprising Progress

Contrary to expectations, Braden began defying the odds and showed signs of progress. Despite enduring over 30 surgeries and facing life-threatening situations, he continued to fight. The support of his family, as well as the power of faith, played a significant role in his journey.

Unwavering Support

Throughout Braden’s challenging journey, one person stood by his side—nurse Michele Eddings Linn. She provided immense support and even prayed for his well-being during critical moments. Linn’s dedication and care made a profound impact on Braden’s life.

A Remarkable Graduation

Braden’s graduation from high school was a momentous occasion. To capture this special milestone, he asked Nurse Linn to take his graduation photos, evoking emotions in everyone who witnessed the event. The joy and pride felt by Braden’s loved ones were overwhelming.

A Mother’s Perspective

Reflecting on Braden’s graduation, Cheri expressed a mix of emotions, recalling the difficult early months of his life. Witnessing his accomplishments brought back memories of the challenges he overcame and the accomplishments he achieved against all odds.


Embracing New Opportunities

Braden’s graduation was just the beginning of his journey. He also achieved his dream of becoming a firefighter, joining the Moseleyville Fire Department as a volunteer. His determination and hard work paid off, proving that no obstacle is insurmountable.

Words of Encouragement

Braden’s inspiring message to others is to never give up. He encourages everyone to persevere and keep climbing, no matter how challenging the journey may be. His story serves as a reminder that with determination, the possibilities are endless.


A Story of Triumph

Braden’s extraordinary journey, from defying a dire prognosis to achieving his dreams, serves as an inspiration to all. His story highlights the power of resilience, love, and support in overcoming life’s greatest challenges.

“To watch him become this amazing young man has been emotional, but yet I’m so proud.” – Cheri, Braden’s mother

“Don’t ever give up… No matter how hard the mountain is to climb, keep climbing because the view at the top is amazing!” – Braden

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