The real reason why Ivanka Trump won’t join Donald’s 2024 Presidential campaign

Ivanka Trump, former White House team member and daughter of Donald Trump, has declined the opportunity to join her father’s potential 2024 presidential campaign. The main reason for her decision has been revealed as a desire to prioritize her young children and focus on her private family life.

Ivanka Trump’s Background: Ivanka grew up in a wealthy family, experiencing a difficult period during her parents’ divorce. Her mother, Ivana, emphasized the importance of self-sufficiency, which led Ivanka to start earning her own money at a young age. She pursued a career in modeling, appeared on magazine covers, and even hosted a beauty pageant.

Involvement in the Trump Organization: Ivanka joined her father’s organization and became an executive vice president, specializing in development and acquisition. She also launched businesses and authored books. When her father announced his presidential candidacy, Ivanka took on a larger role in his organization, focusing on his campaign and serving as a consultant.

Role in the White House: After Donald Trump’s victory, Ivanka was appointed as an advisor in the White House, working on women’s and families’ economic empowerment, job creation, and entrepreneurship. Although her position provided unique experiences, it also attracted criticism and strained some of her friendships.

Loss of Friends and Business Challenges: Some friends, including Chelsea Clinton, distanced themselves from Ivanka due to her association with her father’s policies. Additionally, retailers dropped Ivanka’s clothing brands during her time in the White House. These experiences, along with the loss of her mother and her husband’s health challenges, influenced Ivanka’s decision to step away from politics.

Ivanka’s Decision and Future Plans: Ivanka declined her father’s invitation to join his 2024 presidential campaign, citing a desire to prioritize her family and create a normal life. She expressed pride in her work at the White House and the administration’s accomplishments but decided to focus on her personal life outside of politics. Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, have chosen to retire from politics and are unlikely to return.

In conclusion, Ivanka Trump has made the decision to prioritize her family and step away from politics, declining an opportunity to join her father’s 2024 presidential campaign. She values her time in the White House but wants to focus on her private life and create a sense of normalcy for her young children.

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