They Received Hate Letters After They Married – 55 Years Later They’re Still Going Strong

They Received Hate Letters After They Married – 55 Years Later They’re Still Going Strong

Leslie Uggams’ Remarkable Career

Leslie Uggams, a renowned actress on both the big screen and stage, has had an illustrious career spanning seven decades. While she is perhaps best known for her role in the Deadpool series, her personal life has been just as captivating. In 1965, Leslie defied societal expectations by marrying Grahame Pratt, a white Australian man, and their enduring love story continues to thrive against all odds.


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A Talented Singer’s Journey

Leslie’s journey began as a talented singer at the age of 10 when she recorded a record for MGM. Encouraged by her aunt, Eloise Uggams, herself a singer, Leslie attended the Professional Children’s School of New York and the prestigious Julliard School of Music. However, her musical career was only the beginning. In 1969, Leslie became the host of her own TV variety show, “The Leslie Uggams Show,” making history as the first black person to host a network variety show since “The Nat King Cole Show.”


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A Love Story Across Boundaries

Behind the scenes, Leslie’s life took an unexpected turn when she met and fell in love with actor Grahame Pratt. The two initially crossed paths at the Professional Children’s School of New York, where they were both students. Fate brought them together again when Leslie was performing in Sydney during one of her celebrity tours in Australia. Despite the challenges they knew they would face as an interracial couple, Leslie couldn’t deny her feelings for Grahame.


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The Family’s Reaction

Leslie had previous experience dating a white man during her teens, which led to disapproval from her family. Her aunt, in particular, advised against pursuing a future with someone outside her race. Leslie recalled an incident in a 1967 interview with Ebony, where she showed her aunt a photo of her white boyfriend. Her aunt expressed conditional acceptance, stating that he was suitable for dating but cautioned Leslie to eventually marry a Black man.

A Bond That Withstood the Test of Time

Leslie and Grahame’s love continued to grow, even as they faced a year of separation when Leslie left Australia. Despite her reservations about her family’s reaction, Leslie and Grahame got engaged and Grahame visited her in New York. To Leslie’s relief, her family embraced Grahame, and his Australian background played a part in their acceptance. While they experienced less racial tension living in New York, Leslie still received hate mail targeting their interracial marriage during her tours in the United States.


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A Life of Achievements

Leslie Uggams accomplished numerous milestones throughout her career. In 1977, she landed the lead role in the miniseries “Roots,” earning an Emmy nomination for her portrayal of Kizzy. Two years later, she starred as Lillian Rogers Parks in the miniseries “Backstairs at the White House,” which garnered her another Emmy Award nomination for Best Actress. Leslie made notable guest appearances on various television programs, including “Family Guy,” “I Spy,” “Hollywood Squares,” “The Muppet Show,” “The Love Boat,” and “Magnum, P.I..” In 1983, she received a Daytime Emmy Award for hosting the NBC game show “Fantasy,” and in 1996, she portrayed Rose Keefer on “All My Children.”

55 Years of Unwavering Love

Despite the challenges they faced and the demands of their respective careers, Leslie and Grahame remain united after 55 years of marriage. They have two children together, Danielle (born in 1970) and Justice (born in 1976), and they now enjoy the blessings of being grandparents to Cassidy. The couple’s enduring love and commitment to each other have served as an inspiration to all who know their remarkable story. Their ability to find joy and laughter together has been instrumental in their enduring bond.

“We laugh all the time — but it ain’t always roses. We have fun together.”

Leslie Uggams and Grahame Pratt’s love story is a testament to the power of love, defying societal expectations and standing the test of time. Their unwavering support for one another and the laughter they share serve as a beautiful reminder of the strength of their enduring union. Let this extraordinary love story inspire your own relationships and remind you that true love knows no boundaries.

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