Tiffany Trump Weds Michael Boulos at Mar-a-Lago and People Can’t Stop Talking About the Photos

Tiffany Trump, one of Donald Trump’s children from his previous marriage with Marla Maples, recently tied the knot with her longtime partner, Michael Boulos. The wedding took place at the Mar-a-Lago estate, which holds sentimental value for Tiffany, as it is where she was born and raised.

The wedding photos shared by Tiffany’s siblings have caught the attention of many. Among the pictures are shots of Tiffany and her father, Donald, walking down the aisle, as well as a family photo featuring all five of Trump’s children. Observers couldn’t help but notice how much Barron, Trump’s youngest child, has grown, as he is now 16 years old.

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Tiffany looked stunning in her beaded dress, which paid tribute to her husband’s Lebanese heritage. The gown was created by Elie Saab, adding a touch of magic to the Lebanese American wedding. Despite the ongoing political controversies surrounding Donald Trump, Tiffany’s mother, Marla Maples, emphasized that the focus of the day was on the sacred union and celebrating with loved ones.

Sources close to the family emphasize that Tiffany has always been someone who brings people together rather than dividing them. The wedding was viewed as a joyous family occasion, with politics taking a back seat. Maples also mentioned that the 7-foot wedding cake served as a tribute to her own wedding with Donald.

The couple’s journey to marriage began in 2018 when they met in Mykonos, Greece, while attending an event at Lindsay Lohan’s club. Their relationship progressed, and Michael proposed to Tiffany in the White House Rose Garden in January 2021.

Tiffany Trump’s wedding at Mar-a-Lago has generated significant buzz, with people captivated by the photos and the celebration of love and family.


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