To encircle his home, a man spends $8300 on 400 feet of plastic

How to Protect Your Home from Floods During Hurricane Season: A Story of Success

Convenient and safe living is a universal desire, regardless of the size of one’s dwelling. A home should provide comfort and coziness, and it is our responsibility to safeguard it from any harm. Randy Wagner, a Texan resident, understood the importance of taking proactive measures to protect his property during the hurricane season.

Randy spent $8300 to construct a 400-foot-long plastic fence around his home, which seemed like an expensive and labor-intensive project. However, when the hurricane hit his area, the fence was able to keep the floodwater at bay, saving Randy from a potential $150,000 repair bill. This successful investment demonstrated the importance of being prepared for such natural disasters.

Living in a hurricane-prone region requires taking precautions. As a starting point, it’s useful to prepare an emergency kit bag that includes essential items such as a flashlight, batteries, cash, basic first aid supplies, and medication. If you have to stay in your home during the hurricane, make sure to have enough food and water for several days without electricity.

Trimming tree branches close to your home and cleaning clogged rain gutters are essential steps to prevent potential property damage. These proactive measures can help keep excess water out of your home during a hurricane.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to protect your home. By taking simple precautions and investing in protective measures, you can keep your home safe and secure during hurricane season.

For more on Randy’s investment go to the video below.

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