WE Won’t Be Seeing Dolly Parton Any More!

Dolly Parton, the iconic Queen of Country, has delivered some bittersweet news to her fans. At the age of 76, she’s announced her retirement from live touring. She candidly stated, “I don’t think I’ll ever go on tour again.” While she won’t be doing extensive tours, she plans to occasionally grace audiences with unique performances, such as festival appearances or shows over a long weekend.

Dolly’s decision is driven by her desire to spend more time at home, especially with her husband, and a recognition of the demands touring places on her aging self. She doesn’t want to be away for extended periods, citing the possibility of family needs.

Though she’s bidding farewell to extensive tours, Dolly remains active with diverse projects like music, movies, and a rock album inspired by her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination. While the stage may see less of her, her creativity continues to shine in various other forms.

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