Remarkable Discovery: Woodpecker’s Acorn Stash Causes Significant Damage to House


Nick Castro, the owner of Nick’s Extreme Pest Control in California, shares his astonishing experience in the pest control industry, where he recently came across a surprising finding.

The Unusual Encounter

Nick Castro received a call to address a woodpecker issue at a property. The woodpecker had been storing acorns in the holes it made in the siding, resulting in damage. Little did Castro know, he was about to witness something extraordinary.

An Endless Stream of Acorns

Upon cutting into the wall to extract the acorns, Castro was met with a continuous flow of acorns gushing out. The sheer volume of acorns astounded him. The acorns were piled up so high that they reached the house’s attic, far exceeding expectations.

“They just kept coming and coming, non-stop,” Castro expressed.

The Overwhelming Quantity

Despite making additional holes around the house, the acorns continued pouring out relentlessly. In total, they weighed approximately 700 pounds and filled eight large trash bags. The woodpecker had scattered acorns all over the property, leaving behind unmistakable woodpecker holes.

“You’d think this bird had food caches all over,” Castro commented.

Devastating Damage

The woodpecker’s actions had ruined the house’s façade. Acorns were piled up on the trim and siding, resulting in a significant aesthetic impact. Castro described the bird’s behavior as “crazy,” emphasizing how the bird was actively filling the holes it had created.

An Acorn Trail to the Attic

After drilling numerous holes in the wood siding near the chimney stack, the woodpecker flew through the attic ventilation port holes. Acorns were piled up from the lower floor all the way up to 20 feet into the attic. The extent of the accumulation was truly unprecedented.

Humane Approach

At Nick’s Extreme Pest Control, their policy prioritizes humane treatment of animals, with no euthanization. This approach was consistent even in this case. The homeowners repaired the holes outside the house and decided to let the woodpecker be.

A Solution for the Bird

In the hopes of redirecting the woodpecker’s behavior, the homeowners planned to install new vinyl siding. They believed that providing an alternative location for the bird to store its food would be beneficial. The woodpecker’s efforts in searching for acorns would no longer go in vain.

A Rare Experience

Reflecting on the incident, Castro expressed his amazement, stating that he had never encountered anything like it before. The woodpecker’s acorn stash had caused an unforgettable spectacle, leaving Castro and the homeowners astonished.

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